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Does anybody even read this community any more? I hope so.

Because there is a chance all of the fabulous photos we took long ago could be shown at a gallery in San Francisco, for a show I am curating with San Francisco in Exile about sex & war (slated for early February). But I need all of you folks who were in said photos to send beautifultoxin model releases.

Please email me at peaceporn@gmail.com so I have your email on file, and then I can send the release to you, and you can send it on to beautifultoxin.

Also, I updated our userinfo -- read it if you like:

An informal history of Come in Peace, by ginoushka, yr humble moderator, 01/10/06:

Come in Peace was a collective of anti-war and sex-positive activists based in the Pioneer Valley, MA. We started in the spring of 2003. We wanted to create anti-war and sex-positive art pieces to benefit peace organizations around the world. We took some amazingly hot and smart photos. We talked about making the photos into a calendar, posters, and playing cards; selling them the entire world over; and giving the profits to groovy organizations we hearted.

Then -- we all got tired, really busy, and transient. A bunch of us started or finished school, and a bunch of us moved out of the Valley.

But! Have no fear! We are being resurrected by ginoushka and beautifultoxin (both of whom are now based in San Francisco). The photos we took are still around, still hot, and still meaningful and relevant!

Watch us wow galleries with our art! Watch us make an online store to sell things! Watch us make a website! Woo!

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