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This makes my DAY!!!

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I'm organizing a single day of action that, with all hope, should result in some much-needed changes in the government. I'm located in the Boston/Somerville (Massachusetts) area and our mission statement is available on my friends-only posts and will also soon be on a website. Please leave me a note at androandroid@gmail.com or simply reply if anyone can/will assist me in spreading the word or refining our goals. You NEED NOT BE in the Boston area -- this is a national action that will center on a to-be-announced location.

Our broad goals include:
a) closing the gap between the citizen and the politican
b) making it illegal for politicans to hire speechwriters in any capacity.
Hi, i would just like to share something with everyone, and i figured seeing as ou guys are all into peace and everything mayvbe you should take a peek. You may have heard of it, its to do with band aid, the same guys is doing the www.makepovertyhistory.org and if you could get as many people to sign up as possible it would be really appreciated. I really wanna see this go through so im trying to get as many people as i can. Check out the website and everything but i assure you it will be worth it. Thanks *x
sorry about the typos.
Wow, that's an even better use for those blue-and-yellow books.