g. (ginoushka) wrote in comeinpeace,

three items.

item 1:

i just got this email -- does anyone know about this article in the voice she's talking about? cool!
i read a little article about y'all in the voice, and i'm interested to
learn more. i also might have some photography skills to offer. what
you're doing sounds great, so please let me know how i can get
involved. thanks!
kat schiff"

item 2:
caty, i've tried emailing you my mailing address so i can get to work on the 501-c3 forms, and it's bounced back both times. should i leave you my address in a locked entry on your journal? do you have any reliable email at this point?

item 3:
mia and melissa, did you guys get my emails about doing the exchange of photos for the website between you guys? just let me know -- i'll help the process in any way i can.

be well, all!

busily yours ~
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